Konsep Dan Makna Teknologi Pengajaran

- melibatkan alatan proses pengajaran dalam situasi bilik darjah, tahap pengajaran, teori2, prinsip2 operasi dan mengukuhkan hubungan antara teori2 dan prisip2 operasi pengajaran.

Sebagai konsep boleh diklaskan kepada 4 komponen.
a) Manpower
b) Methods / kaedah2
c) Materials / bahan-bahan
d) Media


Defining the Concept:

Technology Education is an integrated, experience-based instructional program designed to prepare students to be knowledgeable about technology - its evolution, systems, technologies, utilization, and social and cultural significance. It results in the application of mathematics and science concepts to technological systems in areas such as, but not limited to: construction, manufacturing, communications, transportation, biotechnology, and power and energy. Students are challenged to discover, create, solve problems, and construct solutions by using a variety of tools, machines, computer systems, materials, processes and technological systems.